Are you a ball dancer?

Are your left-hand waltz skills exceptional?

Are you 18 – 28 years old?

Do you want to showcase your dancing skills at the Globe’s most prestigious ball?

Grab your chance and apply to make your debut at the Vienna Opera Ball!

Only applications from dance couples can be accepted.

The deadline for applications is 10 September 2023.

Applications to become an opening committee member of the Opera Ball in Vienna on 8 February 2024 must be made online only using the official form.

Applications can be accepted from the dancing couples only.

Every year Vienna hosts more than 450 balls per season. The most famous and biggest ball in Austria undoubtedly is the Vienna Opera Ball. Celebrities from all over the world come to this renowned event to waltz and enjoy the history-charged atmosphere of the Vienna State Opera. The ball begins with the opening ceremony performed by the opening committee (debuting young people dressed in black and white). The formal opening ceremony launches the first waltz. At the end of the dance, the floor opens to all attendees with a call of “Alles Walzer!” – “Everyone waltz!”.

For over 200 years, year after year, the entry of the Young Ladies’ and Young Men’s Committee is one of the highlights of the Opera Ball. 144 dancing couples aged at least 18 and max. 25 (young ladies) or 28 (young men) years look forward to this moment for months: to enter the most beautiful ballroom in the world in a festive snow-white evening gown or tailcoat!

And YOU could be one of them!


To be accepted into the Young Ladies and Young Men’s Committee, a few requirements must be met:

  • You have very good left-hand waltz skills
  • You are at least 18 and max. 25 (young ladies) or max. 28 (young men) years old.
  • You have not yet opened the Vienna Opera Ball (opening is only possible once)

To apply you will have to fill in the on-line form and upload your CV aincluding a photo of the women’s position (outfit). Allowed file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .png *


The audition for all dance couples from Austria will take place on October 21, 2023 at the Vienna State Opera. The accepted candidates will be invited by email after the jury reviews applications.

International applicants will be informed by e-mail a few weeks after the audition whether they are allowed to open the Vienna Opera Ball 2024 as part of the Young Women and Young Lords Committee.

The rehearsals for everyone will be organized on February 3&4, dress rehearsal will be held on the 7th. February 2024. Participation in the assigned rehearsals is mandatory in order to be part of the opening committee.


Women’s position: black skirt, white blouse, skin-colored stockings, shoes without rubber soles
Men’s position: black suit, white shirt, dark tie, shoes without rubber soles.

Other information:

  • Registration is only possible in pairs (women’s & men’s position)
  • Cost per committee ticket: 130,- €
  • Mandatory dress code at the opera ball for debutants (more detailed information under “Debuting at the opera ball“):
    • Women’s position: pure white ball gown (without hoop skirt & glitter, no costume), pure white – closed at the front – shoes, white gloves up to the elbow, hairstyle in which the tiara can be incorporated non-slip, long hair must be worn pinned up
    • Men’s position: black tailcoat, white vest, white stitch, white gloves, black patent shoes, no open, long hair
    • Both women’s and men’s position: no eye-catching hair colors, no hair accessories, no striking piercings or eye-catching tattoos, no headgear

For further information and details please visit: https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/en/staatsoper/vienna-opera-ball/make-your-debut/