Did you know that there are quite a few ways for young people to join real opera companies at a very early age?
Of course, opera camps in Salzburg could be one of them, but most likely an opera house in your city also provides this opportunity. Most of the major opera houses are working hard on engaging next generation in opera making. These efforts include discounted tickets, weekend family activities, open workshops for children, auditions to join choirs and open casting calls. All you need to do is look at the „events“ section on your opera house‘s website.
For example, the Royal Opera House (ROH) Youth Opera Company is now accepting applications from children 7- 11 y.o.
Application deadline June 10, 2024

Applicants should be able to demonstrate:

  • A passion for and commitment to singing and good vocal control
  • An interest in drama and performing skills
  • The ability to collaborate well with others and follow direction
 To learn more details and apply check the link and Instagram