#Creative.Fellowship is a voluntarily community of philanthropists, educators and creative professionals in opera, ballet, theater, classical music, visual and applied arts who spare their time and share skills to support young fellow artists and promote arts to the new generations, making classics more accessible and understandable.

@Creative.Fellowship edutaining initiative started as a partnership with the world renowned Salzburg Festival in 2017. It enhances the development of skills and competencies that boost creativity, as well as stimulates quality, innovation, and the recognition of the work of young people. The fellowship supports these young people in pursuing their creative potential, thereby contributing to improvements in the quality of life in underprivileged economies.

The program was introduced in 2017 as a seven-month edutaining activity featuring virtual English language classes and a trip to the opera camp in Salzburg for the most outstanding students. Since then, the program undergone a few modifications and is currently run as a digital project only. curricular is tailored to help the finalists easily adapt in their solo trip abroad and covers not only basic survival topics such as travelling, food, health, etc., but also a variety of music, theater and opera related subjects. During their English studies, Creative Fellowship candidates have the chance to interact with their fellow candidates from other countries to discuss the challenges and expectations of the program. Over 200 candidates completed the language education, 18 took part in the Salzburg Festival opera camps for children and youth, while three chose professions related to the subjects introduced through the scholarship project.

2020 was a challenge for the program. Pandemic realities and lockdowns forced the program to transform into an online education platform, thus increasing the potential reach of the education initiative and starting a new chapter for both the organizers and the participants.

Digitalization of the program substantially increases the number of youth and adults who have an opportunity to learn technical and vocational skills. This is highly relevant for better employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. The program offers participants instruments such as computer literacy, networking and English language tutoring.

Lead sponsor: the program is currently financed through private donations

Spotlight partner: Really Spicy Opera, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Educational partners: ZaZa language school

Due to the war in Ukraine we currently redirected all our funds and efforts to help our former and current Creative Fellows that need assistance with continuing their art studies in the new countries of residence.