Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Creative Fellowship community has revised its priorities from running tailored CF educational activities to engaging in projects that promote digital education, raise awareness about and facilitate cultural integration.

These projects are aimed at the creation of an open education digital environment and range from linguistic and cultural integration through art activities to providing art, language and science learning tools to educators and learners, including those in Ukraine. We also work with projects that support the movement of youth in professional and non-formal learning programs extending their opportunities for cross-European and international mobility.

We regularly update information on the projects we currently support or become a part of in the “News” section of our website and in our social media accounts.

Whether you sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle, perform acrobatic or magic acts, draw, design costumes or have another unique talent, we strongly encourage to respond to open calls we announce.

@Creative.fellowship provides tools and supports creative talents on their path to the limelight. Decades of research have shown that engaging in the arts helps young people to become more engaged, resilient, and better able to cope with life’s challenges.

@Creative.fellowship is a virtual safe space for like-minded people to gather and stay connected to a larger international community.

@Creative.fellowship is not only a way to break into the global community and make friends around the world, but it is a safe, educational, and entertaining way to learn about cultures and connect with many art professionals under one roof — all while the participants receive undivided attention as they showcase their talents.