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The vintage life of costume designer

As a part of our new #operajob Instagram series we offered our @creative.fellowship supporter, an American ballet dancer in Paris, India Rose the opportunity to try her hand at


The second life of pointes

The Second Life of Pointes was inspired by one of the #creativefellowship supporters and aims at organizing online dance master classes and workshops for the talented kids from economically



He heartwarming expression of unity and feeling of a true Creative fellowship initiated by the #operainlockdown open call brightened the days of many during the 2020 lockdowns. Unexpectedly, this



In 2020, during the frustrating days of the spring lockdowns when many professions, including those in the arts, faced the danger of disappearing, #creativefellwoship through its @creative.fellowship initiative for



This project is run in cooperation with the History of Arts Foundation Barcelona (HOAF) at the @creative.fellowship digital platform. Its goal is to introduce a brief history of the


Teachers for SwanZ

Is a two-year cooperation of a number of European art education institutions from Bulgaria, Austria, and Romania, coordinated by the Choreographic High School "Floria Capsali" in Bucharest. It is


Great News

In these difficult times, @creative.fellowship seeks to help Ukrainian teenagers somehow distract themselves from the terrible present. We open free English lessons at the Art Academy for anyone aged 13-17. Classes start on Monday, March 14. To receive the link write in private messages @creative.fellowship

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