In 2020, during the frustrating days of the spring lockdowns when many professions, including those in the arts, faced the danger of disappearing, #creativefellwoship through its @creative.fellowship initiative for young talents, run as a part of cooperation with the Salzburg Festival, offered an open communication platform to help keep up the spirit of creativity.

In response to the call, world renowned opera singers, ballet dancers, art managers and craftsmen all joined the #operainlockdown hashtag to share their experiences, feelings, and talents.

Educational partner: History of Art Foundation Barcelona

In the days of the stage doors closed by the pandemic, many of us feel frustrated and lost. Without art we slide off the track and fall into a trap of believing without questioning. Art is what makes us human. Often „human“ means insecure and doubting. Entering a dialogue and keeping it going, imakes finding the way back to our dreams, strengths and weaknesses easier. #operainlockdown is one of those bricks on the way back to life where art matters and shines our soles. This open platform allows to stay in virtual touch with the rest of the artistic community and continue public discussion without judging.