This project is run in cooperation with the History of Arts Foundation Barcelona (HOAF) at the @creative.fellowship digital platform.

Its goal is to introduce a brief history of the performing arts to the culturally curious children and adults through a regular series of entertaining posts to spark interest in discovering the subject further through HOAF’s introductory course, The History of Art.

Inspiration and knowledge gained during the course is a great addition to visiting museums, viewing art books, or receiving an accredited education in Art History.

We have this wonderful tool right at our fingertips called social media. With social media, we can inform thousands of people “when, where, who and how”. If we get the word out, if we give people that information, they might say: “Hey, I want to go and see it!” So, let’s use it to our advantage! We just have to give people this information. I don’t think art is in any sort of danger of dying out; we simply need to tell people where to go and they will come.