The Second Life of Pointes was inspired by one of the #creativefellowship supporters and aims at organizing online dance master classes and workshops for the talented kids from economically challenged areas of certain countries. What happens to the beautiful pointe shoes after they serve their professional duty? Unfortunately, they go straight to the rubbish bin. We thought it was unfair and wanted to give them second life as decorative objects.

Educational partner: Attitude Studios Vienna
Project collaborator: @decorator_tatianalapteva

For this project principal dancers with San Francisco, English National and Vienna State ballet companies donated their used pointes. Decorator from Rome turned them into art objects. Part of the created art pieces were sent out as Christmas presents to our friends and supporters; the rest were auctioned online. With the resources raised, #creativefellowship managed to arrange a few online workshops for the dance students from rural areas.

A ballet shoe with a soul! What a wonderful project! And gives hope and light into the forthcoming years! I am very taken. I can JUST feel it. So strong. Warm. Clear.

Venla Stodolsky, Philanthropist, Finland