He heartwarming expression of unity and feeling of a true Creative fellowship initiated by the #operainlockdown open call brightened the days of many during the 2020 lockdowns. Unexpectedly, this simple act of humanity led to a number of on- and off- line collaborations. #thewintertale was one of @creative.fellowship‘s spontaneous projects born from artists responding to the #operainlockdown

Project collaborators:

@Babara.fomina – illustrator Barbara Fomina (Barcelona)
@Filip Cristinoiu / Optimist Audio – sound designer (Bucharest/Vienna)
@Mercury_alexander – the storyteller (London)
@Attitude Studios – creative directorship (Vienna)

Working on the Winter Tale project as a #creativefellowship partner was a unique and enriching experience. It was an engaging process in which challenging ideas were brought to life. In this spontaneous collaboration, I learned how fruitful it can be to co-create with other passionate professionals.

Barbara Fomina, Barbara-ARТ
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