After a competitive half year-long application process, Glorija Velkova and Elena Naumova, have secured scholarships to attend Salzburg Festival’s Jung&Jed*r edutaining activities under the @creative.fellowship Programme for  talented children and youth from the rural areas of N.Macedonia, Ukraine and Guatemala.

Glorija completed all 4 modules (English language, Art Academy, Gallery of Happiness Exhibition and Dance Residency) of the application process with the total score of 1620 rewarding points. In Salzburg she will be pursuing such vocational activities as personalized behind the curtain tour around the Salzburg Festival’s performance venues, visits to a number of Jung&Jed*r spectacles and an open workshop of the Young Singers Project.

Elena Naumova was chosen by the Salzburg Festival’s experts for her vocal skills.  Elena has been studying opera singing for almost 6 years in her hometown in North Macedonia and is keen to further develop her artistic career. Elena’s itinerary will consist of the Young Singers Project workshops and a coaching session with one of the Festival’s coaches.

In order to deliver on promises made to the 2020 scholars, the Salzburg Festival’s education team arranged a one week trip to the Intoleranza camp for Bogdan Manita and Denis Lopushanskiy (Ukraine), Tamara Velkova and Dragan Petrov (North Macedonia). Due to pandemic restrictions our Guatemalan fellows Rochelle Ramos Perez and Guerty Enoe Leal could not travel to Austria. Instead they were invited to take part in the local culture trip to Antigua and Guatemala City that took place last month.