To make our English and Art History content even more fascinating, we started 2023 by participating in a series of Art and History workshops organized by Le Sallay International Academy in France.  We see this new collaborative experience as an opportunity to increase our knowledge in the history of art and hopefully find new participatory opportunities for current and future Creative Fellows.

In a week-long series of workshops lead by the team of Le Sallay educators and guest lecturers we learned how to distinguish masterpieces in the ocean of classical and contemporary artworks; identify forged art pieces; got to know the history of the most outstanding art heists and what made them possible; watched feature films and documentaries on great artists and discussed historical contexts in which the myths of classical masterpieces have been created.

Le Sallay International Academy is an innovative independent blended learning school for children aged 11-14. It is an excellent solution for displaced or frequently traveling families: students have a unique opportunity not to change schools even if the family is on the move.

Le Sallay combines live online classes with 3-week in-person sessions held in New Hampshire and France. In the blended model that mixes synchronous distance learning and in-person sessions, both complement each other creating one interactive and engaging experience.

Le Sallay educators in literature, history and art are graduates of prestigious American and British universities, with years of teaching experience. Guest lecturers at the learning camps include Princeton University professor Michael Barany, award-winning writer and journalist Andrew Lam and digital media guru Elizabeth Osder, among others.

Le Sallay runs a number of initiatives aimed at supporting talented children who were displaced due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. We are currently looking into the possibilities and financial support that would allow Creative Fellows from Ukraine to join the Academy’s educational activities.

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