Thirty seven candidates from Macedonia, Guatemala and Ukraine started their English language studies as the second step on their gateway to the Stardrome – a one week trip to the International music camp for creative youth in Salzburg.

To qualify for the first try-out step of the Fellowship program, children of employees of Solway subsides and also students of art groups and educational institutions, supported by Solway Group who have skills in music, applicable art, theater or any other type of creative performance had to provide the Fellowship organizing committee with a 90-second video introduction presenting their creative skills.

According to the organizers, the 2018 candidates have shown exceptional skills not only in opera and chorus singing but also in playing harmonica, flute, trumpet, marimba, electric guitar, and piano.

Those who have followed the application guidelines thoroughly were admitted as Fellowship candidates and were offered a place at the ZaZa School for virtual English language class. Lessons will take place by Skype, 3 times a week, from February 2018 until May 2018. During their English studies Solway Fellowship candidates have a chance to interact with their fellow candidates from other countries to discuss challenges and expectations of the program.

To complete this step of the try-outs the program participants are required to attend at least 80% of the classes per month and show a high level of academic performance. Academic evaluation is performed on a monthly basis throughout the try-outs.

To get into the final step of the try-outs each candidate will have to provide the organizing committee with a new 90-second video, where they will introduce themselves, demonstrate their creative skills and communicate their expectations about the camp in English.

The Salzburg Festival & creative team of the Music Camps together with the chairman of the board of directors of Solway Investment Group will choose 6 finalists – 2 from each country. They will become fellows and will be able to participate in the youth music camp in Salzburg free of charge.

The jury will choose fellows based on the quality of their story, the level of enthusiasm and engagement in the language studies, their level of English, their creativity, and their art, theater or music education if any.