In an ongoing effort to keep young talents learning and experiencing a little culture, @creative.fellowship initiative incorporates live virtual conversations with world-known performers who support the program. The initiative has been designed as an ongoing cross-curricular offering at a time when schools in many countries are closed and online classwork has increased dramatically.

Last week@creative.fellowship students from Guatemala, Ukraine and North Macedonia had the opportunity to interact directly with Adriana Gonzales, an operatic star and one of the most prominent guatemalan singers of her generation. Thevirtual Zoom conversation offered students a window into the life and artistry of a figure working at the top of the field. Mrs. Gonzales told the scholars about the support her family gave her on the way to the stardom, shared some useful tips on how to look for international financial grants and other educational options that can help building future careers in music. Adriana also exhibited a few beathing exercises aimed at strengthening singers’ voices. The honored performer wrapped up her dialogue with the young talents by inviting them to ask for advice via messaging her on social profiles.

The success stories can make small but significant contributions. I am aware that the purpose of these virtual meetings is not to solve everyone’s problems, but they provide some respite for both sides. I am always available to the young people who are considering their careers in art. I might not be available at once when someone contacts me, but I always get back to those who search for some professional advice,”- Adriana shared her impressions after the meeting. 

“The conversation was very useful. It provided a lot of interesting information. I will certainly try all the voice exercises this wonderful singer showed us. After the meeting I looked at her Instagram profile and found many tips for performers. One can feel how much Adriana loves her job,” – said Vlada Dniliuk, @creative.fellow alumni who currently finishes her studies at one of the operatic colleges in Ukraine.

“Seeing children being so engaged, asking questions in English, sharing experiences with the professional of this level is very inspiring. These meetings are a great chance for highly motivated youngsters to develop their skills and open up for extraordinary opportunities @creative.fellowhsip gives them. It is a pity, not so many scholars can understand the value of the chances they are given, but those who can are certainly rewarded” – commented one of the educators involved in the program locally.