We are thrilled to announce that Creative Fellowship Initiative entered a new partnership with the International Le Sallay Academy, a network of innovative blended learning schools for children from mobile families aged 10 -14.

Starting from late April we are cooperating on the project “Be Your Own Hero” aimed at helping creative youngsters express their vision of everyday heroism and bringing moral support to children and young adults whose lives are challenged by crisis situations.

Founded in 2018 Le Sallay Academy operates in a mixed format: eight weeks of full board, divided into four sessions, combined with online learning in small groups of 4-6 person (such a model is called blended learning).

Le Sallay Academy has an academically challenging curriculum developed and customized in accordance with the blended learning model. The approach to learning is based on developing critically important skills, such as the understanding of conceptual of relationships, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking. Personalization of learning paths help all Le Sallay students to stay motivated and achieve their full potential.

The schools domiciled in Turkey, USA and France are an excellent fit for children that travel a lot, do not yet know where their families would live in the future, forcefully displaced, are gifted and/or twice exceptional, have special learning needs or require a personalized learning approach.

Le Sallay Dialogue school provides a full-tuition scholarship for students from Ukraine once places become available.

In 2022 Le Sallay schools were shortlisted for the Relocate Global Award in the nomination “Best schools for relocation”.

This award recognizes quality education for mobile families and reflects how, a successful, timely and stress-free relocation supports talent retention, promotes employer brand and delivers employee engagement for best practice organizations.

To know more, please follow the link or Instagram account @lesallayacademy