When and how did you start studying music? Who introduced you to it?

I started going to music school when I was 7 years old. My desire came at once and I enrolled without my parents knowing.

Why did you decide to apply to Solway Music Fellowship?

I found out about the camp at the school and I was interested, so I signed up.

What was the biggest difficulty in the application process and selection tours?

It was somehow hard for me to record the video.

Why do you think it was necessary to spend that much time learning English?

To be honest at first, I thought it would be more useful to have classes in German rather than English, because the camp was held in Austria, but when I went there I actually realized that it was the right choice because there were children from different countries and we communicated with each other in English and also with our managers. So in fact the time that I spend to learn English, was very useful of course and for the future, because I improve my English skills.

How did you react when you new you were chosen to represent Macedonia in the Salzburg Opera Camp?

I was overjoyed and excited and I was eager to leave as soon as possible.

How did your friends and family react?

They all were happy for me. They share my excitement .

What did you expect from the trip to Salzburg?

I expected new acquaintances, new experiences and entertainment.

What new did you learn from your trip to Salzburg?

We worked with professionals so I learned many new things in the field of acting, I learned more about other countries from the friends there and I improve my English language skills.

What did you learn from participating in the Solway Music camp fellowship program?

As I mentioned before, I learned a lot of new things about the acting, because here in Macedonia I actively play music and practice ballet but rarely acting.

Tell us a bit more about your daily routine at the camp? What did you do day by day? Did you meet any famous opera singers, musicians, directors, choreographers, scenographers etc. during your stay at the camp? How did your evenings look like?

As in any camp, there were also special rules here, such as getting early in the morning, taking away the phones that at first was I must say it sounded frightening for me the part with the phones, but in the end it was very useful. We didn’t need our phones, we were hanging out with each other instead of “hanging out” with our phones. We had a different program every day and we were divided into groups according to talent. We had special classes where we worked on the scenes for 6 to 7 hours a day, but it was very interesting, useful and fun for me, although maybe 7 hours sound too much, but all professors were nice, positive and professionals and the time at the classes was passing very quick. Also, we attended a professional opera which was a wonderful and we did the same opera only the shortened version.

What impressed you most of all in Salzburg or in Austria generally?

Austria is a beautiful country. Salzburg is a wonderful city and for me it’s the most beautiful city in Austria, most of all I like the architecture of the city and the panorama view from the castle I loved it.

Did your trip meet your expectations? What would do you wish you knew before you went on this trip?

I must say that was very pleased to be chosen and all my expectations were exceeded.

Did this trip to Salzburg and the Solway music camp fellowship program change the way of your thinking, your view on how the World works? Did it influence any of your life plans?

Yes totally. Firstly, the opinions of different people from different countries act on you. The professional work and positive energy also made me feel every day happy and satisfied. Also I realized that the work in which I was investing for years really makes me happy and I’ll keep on.

What would you like to do in your future and why?

I have my own dreams, but I’m not telling anyone I’ll keep them for myself. Of course I will continue with my work on the field of music because it’s part of my everyday life.

What would you recommend to the next generations of Solway music camp fellowship applicants? Why do you think it is important for the young people to participate in programs like this?

I recommend to all who have the desire to apply without a hesitation because they will not repent. The program is very interesting, educational and useful.

What would you like to tell the parents of the 2019 year applicants?

It’s safe and very good for every child to experience it. I have overwhelming desire to be again part of Solway music camp fellowship and if your child have a chance to be part of it – let him go. I had a very nice time and If I had a chance again I would love to go, I want to repeat that great experience.