After settling down in the cozy dormitories of the Arenberg Palace, the Solway fellows finally had time to introduce themselves to the rest of the camp participants. According to the fellows’ references, making first contacts happened to be much easier than the scholars have thought. Miguel and Carlos immediately engaged themselves into an easy chat with the girl form Columbia who acknowledged her passion was singing. She also shared that she had just finished her last school year in Bogota and moved to Austria to study business administration at the University of Vienna. Anastasia and Monika were impressed by the amount of hard work their new acquaintance – a young violinist from Vienna – performs during her summer vacations. The girl happened to be an old timer in the camp since she has already been in the Salzburg opera camp two years ago. She also said that after the camp is over she was planning to stay for a series of workshops at the Mozarteum Summer Academy. While sharing her impressions on this conversation, Monika said that she has always dreamed of playing a violin and expressed her regrets that only piano, folk flute and accordion were on the offer at her hometown Radovish, Macedonia. Stephan added that there was also an option of a ballet class for girls in Radovish and highlighted the unfairness of the fact that the boys do not have the luxury of studying classical dancing back home.

Photo by passwort klassik