Despite their though schedule full of rehearsals and other opera staging activities Solway fellows are also enjoying the time dedicated to cultural and entertaining activities. One of them was Salzburg city tour that introduced the birth town of Mozart to the young talents. The scholars had a long walk around the old town of Salzburg, a peak at the house where the young composer spent his early years with the family and a climb to the city castle. While commenting on the tour, Anastasia called Salzburg a fantastic city and acknowledged that the city’s connection to Mozart was the only thing she knew about Salzburg before coming to Austria. The fact that German is Austria’s national language has never come to her attention. The reality created a bit of a cultural shock but the later was smoothened by the friendliness of people. Artur added that his only experience abroad was in Egypt and therefore highlighted how clean the city was in comparison with what he saw previously. The beauty of the architecture and the fact that the music was everywhere fascinated Carlos. “It is EVERYWHRE!” – he claimed with a sparkle in his eyes.

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